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Our mission is to spread the magnificence of Japanese tradition culture for people all over the world.

Through knowing the beauty of the art, you will calmly find growth of your spirit.

Nowadays, our life can be so convenient and full of information. You can get almost everything you want anywhere with a click of button.

You may feel very wealthy in a materialistic way but this cannot be a measure of your mental satisfaction. You won't find a true life essence unless you help keeping your mind nutrured and peaceful.

Let us help you start a journey into understanding the rich history of Japanese traditional culture , discovering the knowledge of what should be of true value in your life, reawaken your spirit, stimulate your mind and find warmth in your heart.

一般財団法人 日本伝統芸術文化財団




梅若基徳 Motonori Umewaka

1481. Performed Noh in front of Emperor Gotsuchi - Mikado and in great honour was given the name "UMEWAKA".

Born into the UMEWAKA, his historic family name spanning from the middle ages , Mr  Umewaka performed his first act on stage at the age of 3

Representative Director of the Japan Traditional Art Culture Foundation 

Noh player(Shite-kata)

General holder of important intangible cultural property 

Member of the nonprofit foundation Japan Noh society 

Noh performance  based on" A miracle of American Mayflower " in 2014 and has received a Los Angeles Honorary citizen

The Sponsor of "Noh wo Miru"

Organised a new group of " Noh Gakudo Honza" in 2012

Opened a "NISHINOMIYA NOH THEATRE" in Hyogo prefecture in 2017 

Written "Noh ni miru Nipponjin ryoku" 

Mainly Performing in the Kansai area and actively participated all over Japan  (Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka) .

Holds a wide range of workshops for High school and University students who have interests in Japanese traditional culture.

He believes these activities will open a door to reviving and promote the Japanese traditional culture.

Actively seeking a collaboration with Japanese classical music and modern drama to inspire a new age of art.  

Always Inspiring to find an unconventional style of Noh play to help attract people to the thrill of the performance.

Contributed to the friendship between Japan and the United States by Noh performance  based on " A miracle of American Mayflower" 

He has been active in overseas performance and participated in the European Theatre Festivals.

2006 Strasbourg, France 

2008 Paris, France "The tale of Genji"

2010 Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010 The Acropolis amphitheater, Greece

2012.1 Paris, France and Algeria

2012.9 Los Angeles, the United States

2013 Slovakia 

2014 "A miracle of  American Mayflower" , Los Angeles

2015 The Epidaurus amphitheater, Greece

2016.4 The National Opera  Theatre, Slovakia

2016.6 Sibiu, Rumania / Pyce, Bulgaria

2017.2 Japan Festival in Tours, France

2017.3 Paris, France

2017.12 Opened a "NISHINOMIYA NOH THEATRE" in Nishinomiya, Japan


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